Simplify Cloud Security. Accelerate Your Cloud Journey.

Kivera enforces your organisation governance and security policies across cloud deployments preventing misconfigurations turning into attack vectors. Kivera’s patent pending technology provides deep visibility into cloud requests with the flexibility to apply across any deployment tool allowing developers to choose the right tool for the job.

Your cloud. Your rules.

Single control plane, all clouds, all tools.

Built for developers

Enable developer freedom and accelerate innovation by supporting developers' tools of choice. Write a security policy once, and have it applied across every tool whether using the CLI, Terraform, Jenkins, Bitbucket Pipelines or cloud native templates.

Trusted by security teams

Use preventative controls to stop misconfigurations turning into attack vectors. Codify your security policies and collate them into compliance profiles, applying different controls based on workload risk. Additionally, protect your data by enforcing logical boundaries around your tenants.

A generational leap in cloud compliance tooling.

Strengthen security posture and increase delivery velocity. Designed for the enterprise; fully featured, simply integrated.

Preventative Policy Enforcement

Prevent exposures before they happen. Our policy engine ensures every deployment adheres to policy, regardless of tooling used.

Protect Your Data

Whitelist cloud resources specific to your organisation ensuring your data never leaves your organisation’s data stores. Extend this capability to whitelist SaaS tenants or even B2B services.

Continual Assurance and Reporting

Leverage Kivera's continual assurance and reporting functions to perform compliance assessments, identify control gaps in deployments and generate assurance reports.

Granular Rules with Tagging

Develop customised rules aligned to your organisations risk profiles and use the rule simulator to test rule iterations prior to enabling them. Enhance the granularity of rules by adding custom tags to embed your organisation context with each policy.

About Us

With a passion for solving problems and years of experience delivering cloud solutions for highly regulated clients, our team is dedicated to making your cloud journey faster, simpler and more secure.

Jon Spinks
Interim CEO

Wilson Lee
Interim CFO

Vernon Jefferson

Neil Brown
VP - Operations

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